New Topo Stop E50

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New Topo Stop E50 – effective pest control device for limited spaces up to 50 m² (325-550 sq.ft).
The 1,7 m connection cable for a 230 volt AC unearthed outlet (110 version not yet available) allows flexible positioning for optimal sound dispersion
. Frequency randomly modulated (30-40 kHz - till 99,5% pure ultrasonic).
Not water resistant, CE-marked. Effect 4,5 W, measurements 76 x 57 x 175 mm (W x D x H), weight 250 g.

Emulated 3D-VOX
Each Topo Stop E50 has a slight difference in the signal time delay (4-6 seconds). Hence, when two or more units are placed in the same open space, an emulated *) sound effect is created..

Since the signals are emitted randomly from various sources, the pests will be exposed to an unpredictable multi-fronts-war - they will never know which device will "bark" on them the next time. This additional sound dimension (4D-VOX) is especially beneficial in severely infested areas.

The perfect packages for furnished basements and side attic wardrobes
Since ultrasound does not penetrate walls the Topo Stop E50
3-pack is the perfect budget option for basements with many rooms or divided side attics.

*) An emulator is hardware or software designed to simulate
    the function of other hardware or software (from Wikipedia)


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