Topo Stop E250 with 3D-VOX technology

Topo Stop E250 — professional pest control product! High tech Topo Stop E250 with 3D-VOX technology is our most popular pest control product model suitable for houses up to 250 (2700 sq.ft). For peak performance this pest control product should preferably be installed in the attic and/or in the ventilated crawling space underneath the ground floor. Alternatively you can put the device directly in the living spaces. In the garden this pest control product will deter deer, badgers, moose, etc. (not harmful for pets!).

Sound emission randomly processed by microchip (6-9 optionally 25-30 kHz - the latter 99% pure ultrasonic sound). Weather resistant with synthetic loudspeaker (!) for installation in cold and damp places or for outdoor use (rain protection required!). Expandable pest control product system where up to 8 units (V150, V150x or with V155 with extra connect cable) can be powered by the same adapter. One or several Mole Stops can also be linked in sequence with Topo Stop by means of the 20 m connect cord (V205 see the pest control product accessory section!).

Complete with 230 volt AC adapter (V201) with corrosion resistant plug (110 volt AC also available on request - please specify when ordering!). CE- and Tüv-marked. Comprehensive manual in English included. 100 x 75 x 124 mm (W x D x H), 220 g.

Topo Stop represents the latest in electronic pest control and the 3D-VOX technology is characterized by the following unique features:

Ultraljud mot möss, råttorRandom sound emission — prevents rodents from growing accustomed  
Ultraljud mot möss, råttor Optimized frequency intervals — maximum volume effect  
Ultraljud mot möss, råttor
Frequency modulation at lightning speed — painful turbo effect     More>>