Mole Stop – professional pest control
product against moles and voles

This State of the Art earth screw model effectively drives voles and moles away from the garden where the vermin viciously attacks the lawn, fruit trees and the vegetable garden.

Working radius of Mole Stop is between 10-20 metres (30-45 ft) depending on how well the soil can transmit the resonance sound. This means that under reasonable conditions Mole Stop can protect more than 1200 m² (11000 sq.ft) from moles and voles.

Runs on 4 pcs 1,5 volt LR14 alkaline batteries (also called Baby, AM2, MN1400) that will last for 3-10 weeks operation depending on frequency setting. Optionally adapter (V201/V205) can be used to power one or several Mole Stop units linked together.

Mole Stop is the fruit of more than 15 years of research and has the following unique features:

Ultraljud mot möss, råttorPatented screw shape for maximum ground contact
Ultraljud mot möss, råttor
Electronic parts fully sealed for best protection against moisture
Ultraljud mot möss, råttorDual control software for optimal random vibration
Ultraljud mot möss, råttorPowerful resonance mechanism for maximum sound dispersion
Ultraljud mot möss, råttorCondensation Slots for effective purging of moisture
Ultraljud mot möss, råttorNew even more durable Heavy-Duty Engine