3 signs of professionalism

1) Serious pest control company
AB Soveco International is a world-wide eTrade company with the highest standard of ethics since the start of the company in 1984. We wouldn´t dream of blemishing our good name by misleading you just for a quick sale.

For instance we would not make you believe, like unfortunately some of our competitors do, that one device meant for use up to 50 square metres (550 sq.ft.) installed in one room would clear the whole house from any type of pest including the attic.

Swedish consumer laws are as you may know the strictest in the world (Konsument-Ombudsmannen) and during our many years in the business we have never ever been indicted by KO or any court for violation of consumer laws.

2) Experienced highly trained staff
Our staff is specialized in its trade and has profound knowledge and experience with electronic pest control since 1987, a know-how that is continuously updated and at your disposal.

3) Topo Stop/Mole Stop pest control appliances
We pride ourselves on being able to offer you Topo Stop and Mole Stop electronic sonic pest control, the only full covering rodent repelling system in the market place utilizing both high frequency ultrasonic and low frequency resonance sound. Topo Stop and Mole Stop have represented true State-of-the-art pest control appliances since 1974.
In order to emphasize the effectiveness of our range of rodent pest repellers we simply ask you to contemplate what our 2 year Money-Back-Guarantee means to you in terms of satisfaction guaranteed.

So, it´s up to you!  Do you want effective rodent control or would you rather buy a "toy device" at your nearest supermarket or hardware store?

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