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My blood is full of rat poison!

rat poison ban Environmentalists are now advocating for the ban of rat poison since a major producer has admitted the secondary poisoning of wild birds of prey and other organisms is inevitable when rat poison is being used.

"Representatives from "Fältbiologerna" and "Naturskyddsföreningen" in Sweden have for a long time acknowledged the fact that bird of prey are being poisoned when catching mice, voles and other vermin with rat poison in their system. All producers of rat poison have up to now categorically denied any such secondary poisoning. The manufacturer of the brand Tomcat has however recently changed their mind and today you can read on their packets a warning text stating; "birds and other wild life eating of the bait or of poisoned rodents may come to harm".

Ps. On top of that their is also a warning that micro-organisms in water subjected to the bait will be killed by the rat poison! (webmaster´s remark)

Source: Mediearkivet From Gothenburg´s major daily paper; Göteborgs-Posten 1997-12-07, page 65

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