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Deer & elk

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                           		Type of Topo Stop device against deer / elk
Deer / elk infestation area		Ultrasonic     Resonance (Topo Stop R100)
* Garden                             1st choice 		---

Deer and elk removal

Topo Stop rain cover Deer / elk always follow the same path in the woods outside your garden. In order to maximize the effect of your Topo Stop ultrasonic unit(s) you should always try to expose this path as much as possible with the ultrasonic sound waves. Since these are distributed conically at approx.. 90 degree angle from the speaker it is easy to take advantage of house walls, rocks and other hard surfaces that effectively will reflect the sound waves in both directions of the path used by the deer / elk.
In the garden a Topo Stop E250 unit has a working radius of between 75 to 300 metres depending on the velocity of the wind. With a strong wind the frail ultrasonic sound waves have a tendency to "blow away" (ever attending an outdoor concert in a Force 5 wind?) thus reducing the working radius somewhat. With normal wind conditions however, the working area against deer / elk might reach several thousand sq.m.
Topo Stop should be installed protected from rain and snow, either on the house wall close underneath the protruding roof or better still in the garden with the speaker directed towards your house and with one half of a plastic bucket over it for protection (see sketch!). You can cut off the corners somewhat for better sound distribution. With this mode of installation your deer / elk will find themselves with "fire" from two directions (man in the house and the device) something that will boost the ridding effect.
In very severe cases of deer / elk pestering your garden we recommend Topo Stop E500. The two individual speakers will expose your deer / elk with randomly emitted sound waves from two directions. Also, using an IR-detector triggering off one of the units when your deer / elk enters between the two Topo Stop devices has proven to give added edge when ridding the animals from a garden.

Product choice deer / elk: Topo Stop E250 / Topo Stop E500

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