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Vole & mole removal

vole, voles mole, mole removal Best vole / mole removal, easy vole / mole removal, quick vole / mole removal!

                             		Type of vole / mole removal device
Mole / vole infestation area		Ultrasonic     Resonance sound waves

* Lawn, garden plot                             ---            1st choice

mole removal, vole, voles For successful vole / mole removal it is vital to understand the primary instinct of these rodents. As with all animals including human beings it is to survive! In this quest the rodents in your garden therefore might show extreme perseverance and will withstand any traditional vole / mole removal method such as traps, poison, gas, drowning, etc.
Implementing any of these old fashion techniques mean that the rodents will withdraw for a few days only to reinfest the area once things have settled down again.

mole removal, vole, voles This brings us to the conclusion that the only feasible way of having a successful vole / mole removal is to be even more persistent than the animals. Mole Stop vole / mole removal device will give you that decisive edge over your garden rodents and with great comfort too!
Week after week, month after month Mole Stop will generate a randomly emitted vibration in the soil of your garden. There is no way the voles / moles will cope with this stressing sound and before long the rodents will leave the vicinity.
Thanks to the patented screw shape of Mole Stop the working radius might be as much as 20 m (1200 sq.m) depending on the properties of the soil. Drainage slots for condensing water inside as well as all the electronic parts completely covered by water tight epoxy glue ensures a long lasting working life of your Mole Stop.

Product choice vole / mole removal: Mole Stop 1000

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