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Getting rid of bats


Attic / wall:

Primary entrances and dwelling- 		Type of device against infested bats
places for infested bats	            	Ultrasonic sound     Resonance sound
* Bats in insulated roof                       2nd choice            1st choice
  or wall facing open air

* Bats in open attic                           1st choice         

Bats are in many countries placed under protection and before commencing the eviction of your bats you must read your local regulations.

Since bats favour their native places the eviction is simplified if you provide the animals with an alternative place to nest in. You can find a drawing of a suitable nesting box for bats here. Under no circumstances should you consider harming the bats even if they in your country are considered as fair game. Each bat can consume anything between 3000 and 7000 insects/mosquitos per night, so if you are likely to have a lot of stinging insects in your neighbourhood you should appreciate bats to be a great help in reducing your mosquito problem.

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