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Vermin control or no vermin control, electronic vermin control is the No. 1 option!
More and more people that currently have no need for vermin control choose to adopt electronic vermin control as a prophylaxis. These people have all realized that it is a futile venture trying to completely seal their houses from mice, rats and other vermin. They all ask themselves, why on earth put several days of hard work sealing the house when electronic vermin control that you install yourself in just a few minutes offers a far better protection? With a Topo Stop vermin control device you will have immediate, ultimate vermin control and you can forget about sealing your house!

For best prophylactic effect you should install the Topo Stop vermin control device in either the attic or in the crawling space underneath the ground floor. To maximize your vermin control installation you should consider one device in each of the above (attic, crawling space).

If you care for your pets, you don´t have to worry! Ultrasonic sound waves do not penetrate floors or walls, not even the wall paper, so your pets won´t be affected at all.

Even if you are not sure where to install your vermin control device(s) simply because you don´t know today which way vermin might enter your home, you should choose the vermin control system that you consider will offer you the best possible protection.

Go for Topo Stop E250 vermin control if you want to cover the attic or the crawling space underneath the ground floor.
Go for Topo Stop E500 vermin control if you want complete coverage of both attic and crawling space.
Go for Topo Stop E50 vermin control if you only want to protect limited spaces such as your garage or a storage room.

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