mice, mice, awful mice

Comfortable, hygienic and effective,
but might it not go wrong?

Topo Stop and Mole Stop against mice, mole and other pests are environmentally friendly, comfortable and hygienic we can probably all agree on all agree on. But how does it work and is the technique really effective?

— Of course it is! Topo Stop and Mole Stop are professional appliances and the technique is 100% effective. With more than 20 years of experience we know this for sure.

— Can it really be as good as is sounds?

— Yes, you´d better believe it! And we vouch for it with a 2 year Money-Back-Guarantee.

There are in fact only two reasons why a customer would not be entirely satisfied:

        möss, möss, otäcka möss You don´t read the manual properly
                 The manual is not so much about the pure technical side, but more about the
              strategic aspect of the concept, that is where to place the device for maximum performance

        möss, möss, otäcka möss The chosen equipment is not sufficient in number of units or mounted in the wrong place
                 4 out of 5 customers will cope with one device. In more complex houses or larger gardens
              several devices might be called for in order to obtain a satisfactory result.

Less than 1% of our customers take advantage of our M-B-Guarantee. This is proof enough that most customers have in fact read the instructions properly and thus also have succeeded in their pest control.

           möss, möss, otäcka möss So, listen to our advice: Have no prejudices about where to place
                                              the equipment. Instead, read the manual — carefully!

 möss, möss, otäcka möss

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