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Total pest control in your house

It is only a matter of quantifying and placing of your Topo Stop equipment to obtain complete success with your pest control (that is what you are aiming for, arn´t you...?!!).

In consequence this means that you must try to obsctruct the infrastructure of the rodents, that is to make it impossible for them to use their system of tunnels and entrances in your house. The pest very seldom deviate from the tunnel system they have made. This means if one part of their infrastructure is impossible to use, the whole system collapses.

The best way of disrupting the infrustructure of the rodents is by installing a Topo Stop E250 in the crawling space underneath the house or in the attic, where the rodents normally have their nest and entrance. Note that in 4 cases out of 5 it is sufficient to install one (1 pce) Topo Stop E250 in order to get complete total pest control in a house.

An ultrasonic device fitted in an electrical outlet in the kitchen only have effect in the actual room and nowhere else (ultrasound cannot penetrate even the wallpaper...!).

So, even if you would put pest repellers in every room of your house (it will be expensivet!), you still havn´t got any repelling effect in the walls, floors, attic and crwaling celler. Worth thinking of before you are about to buy a cheap solution.....!

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