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Guarantee & Terms of Sales
Topo Stop
and Mole Stop rodent control appliances

Money-Back-Guarantee: For Topo Stop and Mole Stop appliances we offer a 24 month Money-Back-Guarantee to all private consumers and first owner of equipment. The guarantee gives you, after having used the product at least 4 months the right to return it for a refund if you are not satisfied in any respect (no questions asked!). By claiming the Money-Back-Guarantee your credit card will promptly be credited what you paid for the product excluding the handling charge and less a refurbishment fee as specified below in the Terms of Sales section.

Exchange guarantee: Should you during the guarantee period realize that the equipment chosen was not right in your case, you have the right within the scope of the Money-Back-Guarantee to exchange it for a more powerful device.

Product guarantee: On all Topo Stop and Mole Stop pest control devices you have a 12 month product guarantee, excluding consumables and wear parts.

Terms of Sales electronic pest control devices 2014-01-01

All prices stated which include world wide surface mail postage are dependant to currency fluctuations and we reserve the right to alter them accordingly and due to other Force Majeure. Swedish VAT (20%) are included in the prices, but will be deducted when goods is being shipped outside the EU. Priority Mail is extra.
SEK 100:- (approx. USD 14,00 / € 12,00) in handling charge will be added to all orders/returns.

Money-Back-Guarantee:The guarantee is not valid for companies and only applies for the end consumer and first owner. When returning goods under this guarantee a 15% fee of the list price for refurbishment will be charged at the start of each new year counting from date of purchase.

Returns: Goods must always be packed in its original packing and a copy of the invoice must be enclosed. All returned appliances must be thoroughly cleaned and be in a condition as after normal use. With non-compliance to this, a fair reduction of the value of the device will be made, however at least the double cost for refurbishment.

Product liability: AB Soveco International shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages, wether direct or indirect caused by either normal or improper use of any of our products.

Exchange: Cost for refurbishment, postage and handling charge will be invoiced.

Previous prices are hereby declared null and void. Gothenburg 2014-01-01

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