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This is how eletronic pest control works!

Mice and other rodents mostly enters a house via the crawling space underneath the house or by climbing the outside wall up to the attic. That where they normally make their nests in the warm insulation.

From the nest mice make a tunnel system in walls, floors and ceilings which leads to the various parts of the house, for example to the grabage bin under the sink in the kitchen where there is plenty of food. Rodents marks its territory and tunnel system with urine. This is essential in order for the rodents to be able to find their way in the darkness, and they never stray from their tunnels.

By installing an ultrasonic sound device (Topo Stop E250) in the crawling space underneath the house and/or in the attic the 3D-VOX sound severely disturbs the infestation of the mic (nests and tunnel system).
Within a short period of time the infrastructure of the rodents in the building collapses (normally within 3-30 days). Hence the mice are forced to abandon the house.

In severe cases of infestation supplementary devices with both ultrasound and resonance sound (Topo Stop R100) must be considered.

As for voles and moles in the garden the same theory applies, but under these circumstances only resonance sound is called for (Mole Stop).

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