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Pest control time factor

Time from installation until the rodents in your house has been driven away depends on many factors, including.

1) Sound waves being stopped can delay or prevent full remediation
The 3D-VOX sound Topo Stop generates is certainly a very "crude artillery", which fills up all open spaces in the house and 4 out of 5 customers also succeeds with their pest control using only one Topo Stop E250. However, in more complex houses sometimes several ultrasound devices (TS E500), even supplemented with a resonance sound device (TS R100) will be required in order to rid all "sound shadows" thus achieving a successful pest control result.

2) External and internal circumstances may delay the final pest control result
Long-term severe cold and lack of snow can physically make it impossible for mice to move out of the house. With snow there is generally no problem for them to move out under the insulating snow cover. New-born ones that are not possible to move at once, is also a delay factor which must be taken into account.

3) Other tribes might be reluctant to accept a new tribe within their territory
A mouse tribe in a nearby territory will not likely accept another tribe to move into their own patch without a fight. Depending on how strong/weak the exile mouse tribe is the time of eviction can last for several weeks.

4) Rodent years
Random years (aproximately every 5-6 year) nature seems to overflow with rodents. When this happens the struggle for survival is fierce. The evacuation time then tends to be prolonged — in some extreme cases up to several months. During those years when nature is overflowed by rodents, it sometime happens that the animals try to reestablish themselves in houses they were earlier evicted from. Survival reasons is why the animals try to take over the house again, but in vain — in a short period of time they give up.

The same reasoning applies to moles, voles and other intruders in your garden.


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