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Basic facts on electronic pest control

Electromagnetic pulses
Electronic pest control devices fitted with electromagnetic pulses is the
latest gadget when it comes to selling electronic pest control devices with an "offer you can´t refuse" approach. American Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) took action against this type of appliances already in 1980 and they are also, since several years prohibited in Canada!
With North America as a lost market, perhaps it is not so strange that the producers of these appliances now turn to a virgin market like Scandinavia.

Moral: Don´t be penny-wise and pound-foolish! Whatever prime features a $29,95 device is said to have, e.g. electromagnetic powers, don´t think for a moment it will rid pest in your entire house. It would just be wishful thinking on your part!

Ultrasonic sound waves do not penetrate walls, floors or the ceiling!
The physical properties of ultrasound makes it impossible for the frail sound waves to even penetrate a wall paper. The waves reflect on hard surfaces like light in a mirror.
Therefore, don´t get the misconception that a single device installed in a room will get rid of your mice in the walls, in the attic or in the crawling space underneath the house. Since the insulation in an attic dampens ultrasound, make sure your pest control appliance is powerful enough to cover at least 150% of the space surface.

Electronic pest control never has instant effect like when you e.g. turn on the light!
Electronic rodent control with resonance- and ultrasound can take anything from a few days up to, in extreme cases several months.
The time factor mainly depends on;
a) to what extent the rodents are exposed to the sound waves,
b) how tough the fight with other rodents will get concerning alternative survival territory, as well as
c) in what way the predominant weather type will allow the rodents to move out (frost in combination with no snow might slow the eviction process considerably!)

Moral: Only consider pest control appliances that comes with ample Money-Back-Guarantee. In practice this means your vendor should grant you a trial period of at least 6 months!

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