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Electronic rodent control

rodent controlHere you are! The only dual action rodent control system on the market that effectively will scare mice, rats, moles, etc. away. Rodent control or no rodent control? Choose electronic rodent control!

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With poison and traps you will never get a satisfactory rodent control. Mice, rats, moles, voles even deer and other vermin will keep on pestering your home and garden. With micro process guided sound waves Topo Stop and Mole Stop will rid any rodent in 99 cases out of 100. That´s effective rodent control!

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112000 satisfied customers

Since the introduction in Scandinavia 1987 more than 112000 customers have turned to electronic rodent control to finally clear their homes and gardens from rodents. The effectiveness of the Topo Stop and Mole Stop rodent control devices is remarkable and hence less than 1% of the customers take advantage of the Money-Back-Guarantee - a true evidence of the peak performance of our rodent control system.

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Unique Money-Back-Guarantee
Topo Stop and Mole Stop are highly effective professional rodent control devices. As such we can without any hesitation whatsoever offer up to 24 month Money-Back-Guarantee. During this trial year you can convince yourself that Topo Stop and Mole Stop rodent control really works for you. Should you however not become satisfied with the electronic rodent control we offer, you only have to return the device. We will then promptly refund you of the value of your rodent control device less a small refurbishment fee - no questions asked! Can you get a better guarantee elsewhere?

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Rodent control but no harm to pets!

In the same way as ultrasonic sound waves emitted by the refrigerator, TV-set and other electronic installations in your home do not harm your pets, Topo Stop and Mole Stop won´t harm them either. Only the rodents will be affected. Should you however notice that for instance your rodent pet suddenly reacts strangely (only possible if the rodent control device is plugged in the same room as the pet!) the Money-Back-Guarantee of course covers this as well. Our reward is that you must be entirely satisfied in every respect with your Topo Stop or Mole Stop rodent control device!
rodent control Cats in all honour! Highly efficient mice hunters are they, if starved and who with a heart in the right place is prepared to do that?

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Microprocess guided electronic rodent control
The micro processor built into every Topo Stop and Mole Stop unit randomly changes the structure of the sound waves emitted. In this way the rodents can never get used to the sound waves, which in turn will guarantee effective long term rodent control.

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Easy rodent control installation
Topo Stop and Mole Stop comes complete with all necessary parts needed for effective rodent control as well as a comprehensive manual in English. Should you have any further queries as to the installation please revert to the FAQ-section in which you will find the answers to your questions.

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Environmentally friendly rodent control

Rodent control with poison or traps is from an environmentally as well as from a performance point of view

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highly doubtful. Topo Stop and Mole Stop are not only environmentally safe, the rodent control of the future offers a far superior rodent control and is in the long run more economical as well. These factors as well as, may we say the awesome Money-Back-Guarantee are reasons enough for you to choose electronic rodent control with Topo Stop and Mole Stop.

So don´t hesitate! Fax or place your rodent control order On-line already today. It will give you permanent rodent control once and for all!

We look forward to receiving your order.

Best regards,
AB Soveco International / order department

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