Resonance and ultrasound give complete protection!

As can be seen from the diagram below, TOPO STOP gives overall protection both with ultrasound or/and resonance sound. It also appears that the ultrasound device should not be placed in small spaces such as in a cupboard or close to the garbage bin under the kitchen sink. For the same reason the resonance device may reduce the impact as soon as the open air volume of a space becomes too large.

Therefore! With an ultrasound device located in the crawling space unde the house and/or in the attic and with a resonance sound device fitted in a beam of the ground floor flooring, a comprehensive protection against rodents will be achieved.

4 out of 5 customers will cope with only one device to get adequate pest control. Under normal cirmustances it´s only a matter of choosing the right type of device(s) and to mount it/them according to the manual (read it thoroughly...!!).

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