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Europe´s leading eTrade pest control company

AB Soveco International was formed in 1984 acting as an importer and wholesaler in the marine business. In 1987 the company transformed into a pest control company as it got the Scandinavian agency for Topo Stop and Mole Stop vermin control appliances, a range of electronic pest deterrers representing true State-of-the-art products. Thanks to the high quality and peak performance of Mole and Topo Stop the company has in less than a decade become the leading eTrade pest control company in Europe.

Another factor contributing to this success is the professionalism of the staff. As employees of a leading pest control company the staff is highly skilled in its trade and is also constantly being updated on the latest pest control techniques. Needless to say the staff also makes every effort always to give the customers the best of services.

The motto of the Soveco pest control company is: To supply environmentally safe pest control products for house and garden.
AB Soveco International - the #1 eTrade pest control company!

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AB Soveco International - your eTrade supplier of professional pest control appliances

pest control company

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