Sound technic for even      
greater efficency!

The new Topo Stop is equipped with a 3-dimensional sound emission technic with the trade name 3D-VOX. This technic is the fruit of more than 30 years of research at the factory in Salzburg and gives optimized sound emission as well no risk for the rodents to grow accustomed to the sound.

Dimension 1:   Random sound emission — prevents rodents from growing accustomed
The Topo Stop micro processor generates sound emission by random (pauses varies in length – 1-40 seconds) that prevents the rodent to get accustomed. The sudden sharp sound emission (1-2 seconds long) is every time eaqually stressing for the animals. Year after year.....!

Dimension 2:
   Optimized frequency intervals — maximum volume effect

Topo Stop has two separate frequency intervals that both cover the frequencies that are the most disturbing to rodents. One for humans fully audible (6-9 kHz) that covers a larger area and that penetrates even the smallest nook. This setting is primarily used for non inhabitaded spaces such as summer houses, ware houses and well insulated attics and crawling spaces. In the other sound mode Topo Stop generates pure ultrasonic sound ranging from 25 - 30 kHz.

Dimension 3:   Frequency modulation at lightning speed — painful turbo effect
During the course of the random sound emmisions sudden frequency jumps are also made approximately 3 times per second. This frequency modulations are performed within less than a micro second. The extemely quick change of the frequency has the effect that the loudspeaker membrane has difficulty in adjusting thus causing a faint for humans clearly audible "rattle snake sound" sound.
Now the beautiful part of it!   In the same way as the Topo Stop loudspeaker has difficulty in adjusting to the quick change of frequency, the sensitive tumpanic membranes of the rodents can´t cope either. Thus a very strong pain in the ears are experienced by the rodents.
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