Mole Stop – professional electronics against moles and voles

Mole Stop is an electronic appliance screwed into the ground. With its randomly emitted vibrations it will effectively keep moles and voles out of your garden.

The working area is up to 1200 sqm
(14000 sq.ft or 10-20 m radius depending on soil properties and the survival conditions of the rodents).

Mole Stop is powered by 4 pcs of alkaline batteries
also called Baby, AM2, MN1400) that will last 3-10 weeks operation depending on program settings. Optionally an can be used to power one or several pest control product units connected together. Solar power is also an option.

Mole Stop is the fruit of more than 15 years research work and has the following unique features:

Ultraljud mot möss, råttorPatented screw shape for maximum contact with the ground
Ultraljud mot möss, råttor
Epoxy protected electronics for ultimate moist resistance
Ultraljud mot möss, råttorDual program for optimal setting of vibration
Ultraljud mot möss, råttorPowerful resonance mechanism for maximum area coverage
Ultraljud mot möss, råttorDrainage slots for letting condensation out of the housing
Ultraljud mot möss, råttorNew Heavy-Duty-motor for long problem free operation