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Electronic pest control in summer houses

N.B.! When utilizing electronic pest control in a summer house two types of strategies apply.

1) You visit the house every other fortnight during off season
Since humans also works as pest repellers the risk for vermin to establish themselves in the living quarters during our relatively short absence is slim. In summer houses your primary action should therefore be to install the pest control device(s) directly in the living spaces.
The progress of the pest control installation is then easily monitored when you visit the house. Should however the vermin continue to make attacks into the living spaces from their nests in the attic/crawling space below you should consider installing extra devices for these peripheral spaces.
Please note that an electronic pest control device installed in the living quarters of a house not necessarily will rid the vermin from the attic or the crawling space underneath the house -
ultrasonic sound waves are frail and will not even penetrate the wall paper!

2) You will not visit the house for 4-8 months
In this case you don´t have the possibility to monitor the pest control installation. It can therefore be prudent to cover the living as well as the peripheral spaces right from the start unless a neighbour living close to your house is willing to monitor and adjust the pest control installation.

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